Die Meinung eines Kunden


Pedro Santos, Portugal, 175mm TMB Apo:

I already tested the ADC, on Jupiter the moon, and stars. I am very, very happy with it. It is like going from Apo to True Apo. I will be writing a review to post first on Cloudynights, and I think the best name for it is Apo-tmosphere, the next level of Apo.

Even at 45 degrees, without the ADC, it is clearly visible the blue top and yellow bottom on Jupiter, stars or moon. Tuning that color out seems like going from achro to apo.

To my surprise I found a lot color error also on bright stars without ADC, I did not pay enough attention to that before. With the ADC tuned the color just goes away and the star gets sharper. It is wonderful to be able to tune/set the ADC just with a single knob. We can concentrate on the observation only. And when it is tuned, it is pure sharpness. Great.

I like the two dovetails, to allow setting the desired input and output rotation. Very useful. I also like how the ADC-Compact integrates so well with the Baader T-2 Zeiss components (binoviewer, diagonal, FFC, etc) that it seems a component of that Zeiss based system). The 28mm clear aperture matches perfectly the Zeiss binoviewer.

The ADC compact seems to be my best astro-purchase, my best spent money on
the astro-equipment, together with my 0.990 LZOS 175. But as good as the
LZOS is, there are other high-end APOs in the market, but there is no other
high-end ADC. So thank you so much for making it available for the
astro-community. I hope people will appreciate and understand what they have
available here.

Apo-tmosphere: Gutekunst ADC review by Pedro Santos